Welcome. This blog is somewhere to think out loud and share ideas about education in its widest sense, considering the development of schooling, teaching, learning and assessment through an academic lens. It is the story of my journey into academia via my Ph.D. in Education as I attempt to rethink what education is and how it has come to be. Comments are very welcome indeed, either on individual entries, or via email.  Any views expressed here are my own, and are not necessarily those of the University of Derby.

I hope to generate many comments on and debate around the blog posts.  I don’t intend to censor or moderate comments, but request everyone be polite and civil, even if they disagree.

A blog is an exercise in self-writing. A guide for conduct – or hupomnemata. So although this blog is about education and the interplay it has with democracy, politics and philosophy, it can also write into existence what we might do differently and how we may think differently about ourselves.

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